The Start

The TCS New York City Marathon start is spectacular! Check out helpful information, maps, and timelines to ensure you have a safe and seamless race start experience. Please note that all information is subject to change.

The 2019 TCS New York City Marathon will have four wave starts for runners, preceded by starts for professional wheelchair athletes, handcycles, and some professional athletes. A detailed 2019 wave start timeline will be available closer to race day.

Time Official Start
8:30 a.m. Men's professional Wheelchair Division (women at 8:32 a.m.)
8:52 a.m. Fast Handcycle Category/Slow Handcycle & Select Ambulatory Athletes with Disabilities
8:55 a.m. Foot Locker Five-Borough Challenge
9:10 a.m. Professional Women
9:40 a.m. Wave 1 (including Professional Men)
10:10 a.m. Wave 2
10:35 a.m. Wave 3
11:00 a.m. Wave 4

For more details, visit our Help Center

Start Lines/Waves

  • There are three starts (green, orange, blue) in each of four waves (1-4); each wave has six corrals (A-F). Your start color, wave, and corral are inconfirmation form and on your race number (bib). Wave and corral assignments cannot be changed.
  • Your finish time will be your net time from when you cross the start line. The last runners in each wave clear the start in about 10 minutes.

Start Corrals

  • Runners who are assigned to different corrals but wish to start together may do so by going to the corral and wave corresponding to the higher number.
  • Race officials will make multilingual announcements for each wave instructing runners to line up in the corrals. Please follow the instructions of the race officials, and follow the signs and video to enter your corral.
  • If you’re running with a pace team, look for NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze leaders throughout the corrals. Leaders will wear NYRR Pace Team Presented by Biofreeze shirts and carry signs printed with their per-mile pace and goal finish time.

Staging/Start Villages

  • The staging area is at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island. Only registered entrants and guides are allowed in Fort Wadsworth and the start area. Have your number visible to enter. Safety pins are available at the information tents in each village.
  • The color of your race number indicates your start village. The staging area for AWDs and guides is on New York Avenue adjacent to the green start village.
  • The only bag allowed into Fort Wadsworth is the UPS bag-check bag or start village bag that you received at the expo. All bags are subject to inspection.
  • There are 1,600 toilets in the start villages and corrals. NYRR reserves the right to disqualify anyone who uses any alternative to the supplied toilets.
  • Use the appropriate containers for trash, recycling, and clothing donations. Please, no signs larger than 11" x 17", and no signs staked into the ground.
  • Please review our list of prohibited items.
  • No smoking in the start villages.
  • Medical staff is available in each village. If you feel ill, alert the medical staff. If you are unable to run, a bus will transport you to the finish area after the final wave has cleared the start line. 
  • Therapy dogs are available in each village.
  • Runner amenities are available free of charge, while supplies last, on behalf our sponsors, including Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, Gatorade Endurance products, Chiquita bananas, Honey Stinger products, and Dunkin’ coffee. Bagels and tea are also available. 
  • We advise that you wear extra layers to keep warm after you check your bag. You may discard these items in Goodwill bins before moving to the corrals.

UPS Bag and Start Village Bag

  • You must use the clear official Start Village Bag or official UPS Bag to bring any belongings into Fort Wadsworth. Please review the baggage options and list of prohibited items
  • Check your official UPS Bag at the UPS trucks in your start village for transport to the post-finish. UPS trucks are identified by bib range.