Security Measures

The safety and security of runners, volunteers, spectators and staff is New York Road Runners' highest priority. At the TCS New York City Marathon, we are fortunate to work in close collaboration with the NYPD and our federal, state, and city agency partners to ensure the safety of all of our events. Runners should also be aware of their surroundings and if they see an unattended object or people that may look out of place to call it to the attention of the nearest race official or law enforcement officer.  Additionally, to ensure the safest event environment possible, runners should familiarize themselves with our guidelines for prohibited items.

There are a number of visible security measures in place, as well as several behind-the-scenes security elements. It is New York Road Runners' goal to be sure that we are implementing the needed security features while causing minimal impact on your race-week experience.

Bag Inspection

All bags and items entering TCS New York City Marathon venues and events are subject to inspection by New York Road Runners, contracted private security personnel, venue personnel, and the NYPD. To speed access and avoid longer lines, we strongly recommend not bringing a bag. Please see the list of items that are prohibited to runners, as well as to spectators in venue areas.

Venues that will have some type of inspection/restrictions will include, but will not be limited to:

  • TCS New York City Marathon Opening Ceremony Presented by United Airlines
    Delegates marching in the Parade of Nations will not be able to march with bags. Spectators (standing and in bleachers) carrying bags will be subject to bag inspection. We suggest one bag per guest, no larger than a woman's purse.
  • TCS New York City Marathon Expo Presented by New Balance, TCS New York City Marathon Eve Dinner, Blue Line Lounge presented by Tata Consultancy Services at the TCS New York City Marathon Pavilion
    Any person entering these venues will be subject to bag inspection. To speed your access, we strongly recommend that you do not bring a bag. However, you may bring one bag per guest, no larger than a woman's purse.
  • Grandstand Seating, Family Reunion, and All Spectator Locations in Central Park and on Central Park West
    Spectators with bags in any Central Park or Central Park West location will be subject to baggage inspection before entering the area. Please note that some entry points will be on Broadway. We suggest not bringing any bags if possible and limiting the size and number of necessary bags. Please note that no strollers, carts, or coolers will be allowed.

Prohibited Items

In order to ensure the safety of all TCS New York City Marathon participants, spectators, and partners, there is a list of items that runners will not be allowed to bring to the start villages or run with on the course. Please review the link provided with enough time to plan appropriately.

No-Drone Zone

The use of drones or other unmanned aerial devices in and around all TCS New York City Marathon events and venues is strictly prohibited and a violation of New York City law. Persons found operating drones for photography, videography, or any other purpose may be subject to criminal summons. 

We are lucky in New York City to have some of the world's best law enforcement partners in our corner. Still, we can all play a role in keeping our community safe. If you see something suspicious taking place on or before race day, make sure to report that behavior or activity to local law enforcement or race officials; in the case of emergency, call 911.

Thank you for attention to these very important matters. We will continue to keep everyone apprised of any new information. We can't wait to see you on race day!